What does Your CM Site give you?

  • Your stock is uploaded to your website and Commercialmotor.com simultaneously
  • Easy migration from your old website to Your CM Site
  • Feed your stock to social media platforms
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Five-day-a-week customer support
  • Responses to adverts on all devices

Your branding: working from a number of initial designs, your website will be customised to fit your business. You’re able to choose your own colour scheme too.

Mobile-friendly website: your new website is mobile friendly and responsive. It looks good on desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

Mobile-friendly back office: a new back office has been created so you can easily post or delete your stock from anywhere. You can have multiple user logins as well.

VRN lookup: the new back office includes VRN lookup; you enter the vehicle’s registration number and the system automatically fills in other details about that vehicle.

Automatic image resizing: upload huge image files and our system will automatically resize them for you. This will help your website to load faster.

Great search options: buyers can search your stock by keyword or by criteria; such as make, model and body type (your choice).

Hosting: the sites are hosted by us at no extra cost, as long as you advertise with Commercialmotor.com.

Your web domain: If you already have a web domain name that you’d like to use, no problem. Alternatively we can provide you with a domain, or a subdomain, to use.

Easy migration: we scrape stock from your existing website before Your CM Site launches, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

Integration with Commercialmotor.com: when you post a truck to your website, it automatically appears on Commercialmotor.com within a couple of minutes.

Posting to social media: your stock can be automatically posted to Twitter, Facebook and a LinkedIn company page. If you don’t use these social media channels, our team will help get you started.

Trackable phone number: a trackable phone number, issued by CM, will let you see how many calls your website is generating. Use any UK area code, or any 03-number if you prefer.

Detailed reporting: for your website analytics, we can either send you an automated email report or give you direct access to a Google Analytics account. We can even create a simple online dashboard with key information.

Cross posting: we are developing cross-posting functionality to enable your stock to automatically be posted to your Auto Trader, Truck Locator, eBay or Gumtree.

Static pages: your website can also include static pages of your choice, for example ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’.

Custom menu: the options in your website menu will reflect the type of stock you sell.

Cookie consent: unobtrusive overlays inform users that the site uses cookies, which will contain links through to the privacy policy.

‘Welcome’ activity: when your new site launches, we will push it on our own website and social media channels to help it grow.