Onboarding Process

Our editorial team offers a full onboarding process when your CM site goes live: Promotional article Article published on Commercialmotor.com Article then posted to CM Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels Social media promotion Clients with Facebook automation: their Facebook page


Why do we use templates? Building a new website can be expensive; not only do you have to pay for the time spent on development, but it has to be refined for SEO and mobile use. Your CM Website uses


What does Your CM Site give you? Your stock is uploaded to your website and Commercialmotor.com simultaneously Easy migration from your old website to Your CM Site Feed your stock to social media platforms Detailed monthly reporting Five-day-a-week customer support


All T&Cs will be outlined in the contract drawn up between client and CM.  By purchasing a website from us you are agreeing to advertise on commercialmotor.com for 1 year. Master Terms and Conditions DVV Media International Ltd and the

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